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Welcome to Creed, a site dedicated to helping Catholics/Christians find Catholics/Christians in the online gaming world!


We are dedicated to providing safe and positive gaming communities for Faithful of all ages to enjoy. Creed offers Game reviews, Gamer Forums, and game specific groups full of other passionate Catholics and their friends.

As Creed, we follow a code of gaming Ethics: "Honesty, Integrity, Fair play, Sportsmanship, and Faith" to be followed and enjoyed by everyone. Though we do not endorse any of the games listed, we do follow a high moral standard for the games we will list here.


No game supported by a Creed community will contain: Sexual content, Nudity, Anti Catholicism, Pagan or Satanic content, Or any other material that may present a moral evil to the player.


Some games will and do contain character art not suitable for younger children as it can be semi sensual. Parental discretion is advised for such games, and will be rated accordingly in our listings.

Ratings are based on our own assessment and not by a standard system.

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