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Ark Survival Evolved

Ark follows a very interesting evolutionary path that may or may not present issues on a theological standpoint depending on your view. The story of the Arks is that Homodeus (latin: human/god) from the future have found a way to pull people from the past and place them on the "ark" or "arks" in an attempt to force them through trials that will speed up their "ascension". These arks orbit a now ruined earth that was the result of the scientific mishaps of these ascended beings unleashing "element" into the environment and corrupting it.

Through your play of the game you'll defeat multiple bosses and travel across several ark, each more degraded than the last until finally you make it to earth. By defeating the end game boss that was the downfall of the master race that brought you to this point, you bring the orbiting arks to earth and begin its re population and rehabilitation. Though this may follow a far more evolutionary story line than some Christian faiths will support, the game is easily played as an immersive kind of survival in Jurassic Park type experience, and even progressing through the story line progression can be done without to much thought or influence into these ideas. Beyond the story, experience an absolutely beautiful environment, tame and use dinosaurs from bygone ages, and explore the many interesting and sometimes dangerous areas the maps have to offer. Over all, I give Ark Survival Evolved 4 stars. Good long term survival game play, fun for a number of ages, though slightly frustrating from time to time with some low key bugs.

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